Chateau School travels 365 days a year

“Diplomats” (l to r, in the foreground) Masaichi Maehara, Apple Hutt, and Napoleon Bovrisse with “ambassadors” (l to r) Robin Furlong and Diana Motyovszki. CHATEAU SCHOOL

“Pack your suitcase, grab your passport, and get ready to depart on an educational adventure that inspires for a lifetime.” This is the message from a new school with a concept that has yet to be seen by most children — a magical world of cultural immersion and academics that aims to imaginatively prepare them for the world around them.

Chateau School’s unique concept plans to deliver world diplomacy, elite education, and creativity to the neighbourhood of Omotesando’s fashion district. Its emphasis on design and the use of local materials from throughout the world creates and influences diverse inspiration even in the youngest of children.

Each morning, “diplomats” aged 0–6 years old check in at Chateau School’s “customs” counter in order to visit the country of the day — passport in hand and luggage in tow. Greeting them are “ambassadors” who all speak more than three languages. Not just anybody can pass through this lavender-frosted checkpoint, and diplomats proudly bear their Chateau Bon Bon Diplomat Honour Badge as they prepare for their worldly and educational excursion of the day.

Whether it’s becoming familiar with the texture of lentils and rose petals from India, building a marble maze of wooden blocks imported from Switzerland, creating a volcano to replicate one of the many found in Iceland, introducing Russian caviar comprised of black Swarovski crystals, or visiting the United Nations University library to understand how to better the world, Chateau School is designed to be a leader in cultural education.

Chateau School plans to incorporate the International Baccalaureate Programme within the coming years and to deliver an exceptional education that already includes its unique 50-page termly review for each child. The toddler group, “Lollipops,” and the preschooler group, “Chocolat,” are expected to develop and pioneer world leadership in today’s international society. At Chateau School, the idea of unity and non-prejudice are practised as the young representatives of the world share and learn together.

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