J’s International Day

(left to right) William, Summer, and Tony embracing J’s International Day. J’S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

J’s annual International Day was held in February this year, and children and teachers came to school dressed up in various national costumes, and brought in toys, books, pictures, snacks, or clothes for a presentation about that country.

The children “visited” China and the Great Wall, built Egyptian pyramids, and discovered facts about the seven continents of the earth. India, Italy, Canada, Germany, Korea, and the United States were some of the other countries students flew through on their very own J’s Airlines.
The kindergarten and preschool classes joined together for some fun activities that included dancing, and singing songs such as “Hello to All the Children of the World” and Disney’s “It’s a Small World.”

When children are exposed to a variety of different cultures, traditions, foods, toys, and stories they naturally acquire a more understanding mindset. As an international school this is something J’s aspires to impart to each child. J’s encourages children to understand that people are all different, with different likes, styles, looks, dreams, and ideas about life. Yet they are all similar in many ways and can all get along and be friends.

Later in the month, the phrases “Sharing is caring,” “I love you,” and “Let’s be friends” were heard a lot as Valentine’s week approached, and the children read stories on and talked about showing love and kindness to others. They really enjoyed creating cards and gifts and especially exchanging Valentine-themed treats!


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