Learning about the emergency services at J’s

J’s students with police officers and “Pepo Man” during a recent visit. J’s INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

The theme of “Vehicles and Occupations” has proved to be a very big topic at J’s International School recently.

March started off with a field trip to Kidzania, where the children experienced the world of “work.” Just when the children were all trying to think of what they wanted to be when they grow up, they had a surprise visit from the police department, along with its mascot, Pepo Man.

By speaking with Officer Hiroshi, the children learned that the Japanese police emblem symbolizes the bright sun. He told the students that all Japanese officers must be able to do a martial art like kendo, karate, or judo. He even admitted that there are times during his job when he is a bit scared, but with the help of “back up,” he said that good always wins!

After getting to ride the Highway Patrol Motorcycle, many of the children were certain that a police officer was what they wanted to be to be when they grow up.

Following the Kidzania visit, there was a school field trip to the local fire station. It was hard for the children to imagine running around wearing such heavy uniforms and carrying such heavy equipment.

The fact that fire-fighters are on call 24 hours a day made a big impression. This was shown in a role-play as the fire-fighters lay down pretending to sleep, then were rudely awakened by a loud bell or sometimes a scream of “FIRE” or “HELP,” after which they immediately jumped to their feet, put on their uniforms, got into the truck, and sped off to the scene. Repeated countless times, it was great fun.

From makeshift hair salons in the classroom to a cocktail/juice bar run by the school’s very own bartenders, the children enjoyed an action-packed month. — MANA ORTIZ

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