Gymboree’s Summer Bubble Pass available from June 11

Join Gymboree this summer and enjoy classes for a discounted price. For those families staying in Tokyo, this is a great opportunity to escape the heat and spend quality time with your little one. For parents with children 30 months or older, Gymboree also offers drop-off classes that enable parents to get some time to themselves during the long summer vacation.

The following three types of passes will be available so parents can choose their desired number of classes based on their summer schedule: A. 4 classes: ¥10,000 (1 class ¥2,500),
B. 8 classes: ¥16,000 (1 class ¥2,000), C. 12 classes: ¥20,000 (1 class about ¥1,650). All passes require a ¥5,000 Summer Registration Fee. However, for those who decide to enrol in Gymboree’s regular classes after the Bubble Pass expires, the ¥5,000 registration fee is refunded.

Reservations are now being accepted in person at both Gymboree locations and families can participate in classes from June 11 to September 2. Please refer to for details.

Gymboree Play & Music is the global leader in classes for children 0–5 years old. Please contact Gymboree by phone on 03-5449-2311 (Hiroo) or 03-3723-0651 (Jiyugaoka), email at [email protected] or [email protected] or through the homepage to sign up for a free trial. — NICOLE YAMADA

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