Waseda International’s first summer school

Waseda International School (WIS) is pleased to announce its very first summer school program, and welcomes children to spend the summer at its colourful, state-of-the-art facilities equipped with new learning materials from the United States. The summer school takes place over five weeks between July 2 and August 3, with two camps: Junior Camp for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners aged 3.5–6 years old; and Elementary Camp for elementary school children aged 6 and up. Classes start at 8:45am and end at 3:15pm.

Classes will be small, with a maximum of 15 students, to enable a child-centric approach and ensure individualized attention to students. Every day will be packed with fun and meaningful learning experiences that are fine-tuned to each and every child’s specific needs, and a structured schedule, designed to offer rigorous academic programs in the morning and fun extra-curricular activities in the afternoons, will be followed. The extra-curricular activities will differ every day, and will include water-play, gardening, treasure hunts, and music jam sessions, etc.

Every Thursday the children will go on a school trip related to the theme they study that particular week. Week one’s theme is “African Animals,” with a field trip to a zoo; week two is “Miyazaki’s Fairytales,” with a trip to the Ghibli Museum; week three is “Ocean Creatures,” with a trip to an aquarium; week four is “The Solar System,” with a trip to a planetarium; and week five is “Life on Earth,” with a trip to the National Museum of Nature and Science.
All daily classes and activities will be conducted strictly in English, presenting a great opportunity for children who do not usually attend international schools to experience an international camp, make new friends, and improve their English.

Students will enjoy participating in educationally stimulating and creative activities, while interacting with students from different countries. Enrolment is open to all nationalities and you do not need to be an existing WIS student to participate, although discounted fees are available for students enrolled in WIS.

Fees range from ¥40,000 (¥30,000 for WIS students) for one week of summer school to ¥140,000 (¥110,000 for WIS students) for the full five weeks, excluding lunch and snacks. Summer school operates five days a week.

Contact [email protected] for enrolment details or see http://www.wasedais.jp for more information. — NATASHA DYTHAM

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