Chateau School’s Saturday French School

Ambassador Marie Abraham and Italian-Japanese diplomat Shiori, who attends Japanese nursery during the weekdays. CHATEAU SCHOOL

Chateau School offers multi-lingual programs as an important part of early childhood education. For children attending other schools, Chateau’s Saturday School has become popular.

The Saturday French School is a condensed French immersion program, running from 9am to midday. The first hour is academic covering the alphabet, spelling, and maths; the second hour covers art and music; and the third hour is spent on cooking. The program aims to provide an experience similar to that of a French lycée. Children are exposed to French-style art, chanson, and cook their own madelene and traditional cuisine. At the end of the program, they learn how to socialize at a “French dinner table” as they taste the French cuisine they prepared and cooked themselves.

Parisian Ambassador Marie teaches the Saturday French School. The Saturday School is under The Chateau Club enrolment, and costs ¥31,500 for a one-time-only admission fee, which includes a diplomat passport and badge. Each three-hour class costs ¥5,250.

Chateau School is scheduled to expand its facility and programs this fall.  For more information, please visit

Chateau Bon Bon provides international school education for children (“diplomats”) from newborn to six years old, Monday–Friday from 9am–3pm, where they can explore worldwide cultures through firsthand experiences. After-school and weekend classes are available for children up to the age of twelve years. Chateau Bon Bon also provides workshops, parties, and has space available for rent.— RINA BOVRISSE

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