Slithering summer snakes at J’s International School

J’s International School summer students create their own 6-metre snake. MANA ORTIZ

Week Four of J’s Summer Fun Program introduced reptiles and amphibians. In the heat and humidity of the Tokyo summer, children discussed reptile characteristics and habitats while wishing they were cold-blooded like them! To get a good idea of how big a 6-metre snake is, the children lay on the floor to create a long human snake, slithering across the floor trying to stay connected. Later a large paper anaconda was created using different materials to create the right texture for snakeskin. This life size, realistic snake was strategically placed outside the school on display, surprising passersby as well as parents when they arrived to collect the children. Each child made a baby anaconda to take home.

This was just one day in J’s 57-day program. Every day the students learn about something new. Visitors are welcome at Moto Azabu 2-12-14, Minato-ku; where the doors are always open. Call 03-3452-2078 for more information. — MANA ORTIZ

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