Education First courses prepare students for overseas universities

Since 1965, Education First (EF) has been a trusted name throughout the world, providing international education programs to help students learn languages, study abroad, participate in cultural exchange, and also prepare for university entrance.

Last year, three EF students from Japan gained admission to Cornell University, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Bristol after having received comprehensive preparation that included language study and college entrance counselling.

Japanese universities are generally considered to be difficult to enter but easy to graduate from, giving young students the impression that you must study as hard as you can before you start college, but that you don’t have to study so much while in college. However, universities abroad generally require their students to study hard throughout their time at school, so Japanese students hoping to further their education overseas often require support.

“I really wanted to study business in America,” said Kasumi Umeda, currently studying at San Francisco State University. She went to a high school in the United States on EF’s high school exchange program for a year, then returned to Japan and took EF’s University Foundation Year Program. In San Francisco, she has taken TOEFL and SAT preparation courses, along with other courses through which she has learned how to write a research paper, how to participate in a discussion, and how to make a presentation, as well as other academic skills students need when they’re accepted by universities in the United States.

Kasumi encourages young high school students dreaming of studying overseas not to give up on their academic pursuits, and to get support to help them achieve their goals. For international students, universities in the States require TOEFL and in some cases SAT scores. “You can study the language, gain a high score for the language test, and you can go on to colleges abroad for the subject you’re really interested in.” She also recommends that curious students visit the place where they want to study to see first-hand the school they want to enter. “It really helps motivate you with your preparation.”

EF’s University Preparation Course Abroad is available for anyone aged 16 years and older. For more information, call the EF Japan office at 03-5774-6210 or check out the website: — WAKANA CATCHPOLE

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