EF Japan sends international students to UK universities

March is the graduation season for most Japanese schools, so students have recently been thinking about their next steps. After graduating from high school, Hector Sanchez from Mexico joined an Education First Japan (EF Japan) university preparation program, and received a diploma in business and management. A year later he started as a sophomore at Durham University.

The program prepares high school graduates for entry into the second year of a business-related bachelor’s degree. International students are required to study for an additional year prior to entering UK universities. The EF diploma combines this extra year of secondary education with the first year of a bachelor’s degree so that international students are allowed to enter the second year of an undergraduate degree quickly, after one year instead of two.

Successful graduates from the program are thoroughly prepared for life at university. “For me, the teachers are one of the most import things at EF because they support students in every aspect. They’ve helped increase my confidence and given me crucial advice,” said Hector. In recent years, students enrolled in this program have been placed at universities that include Durham, Exeter, East Anglia, Royal Holloway, Oxford Brookes, and Westminster, to name a few.

The program will be held in EF London and EF Cambridge for 11 months starting in August. A 30-week, fast-track option is available for students who have completed a University Foundation Year, A-Levels, IB, or equivalent.

Email [email protected] or call 03-5774-6210. For general information, check out http://www.efjapan.co.jp/university. — WAKANA CATCHPOLE

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