Learning about jobs at J’s

Going to Kidzania for a field trip was a great way to start off “Occupations” month at J’s International School. Teachers touched on options the children might have in life, however, more than anything, it was important to them that they instill in the children the confidence that they were capable of achieving anything they put their minds to. It was heart-warming to hear the children’s dreams — so motivated by passion, imagination, and interest, and free of restrictions of what is socially acceptable as a “good job.”

The children went crazy over the school’s very own NASA space station and rocket, created by the teachers. Gravity was the only thing that kept them from really flying into space!

Other activities during Occupations month included a visit from the police department and their mascot Pipo-kun, where everyone was able to get on the shirobai motorcycle. There was also a mini field trip to the local fire station.

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