Numeracy week at Horizon Japan International School

This year’s Numeracy Week at Horizon Japan International School was filled with lots of learning, fun, and prizes. Every day, the students participated in the “Morning Challenge” games, answered the “Questions of the Day,” drew cartoons about mathematics, practised for World Maths Day, and worked on their statistics projects, where they were asked to gather information about the school, and represent this information using a graph.

The joy peaked on the last day, March 6, which was not only Numeracy Day but also World Maths Day. The primary school students enjoyed several activities in various stations that challenged their knowledge of number facts, shapes, and estimation. The secondary school-aged children had a maths contest, where classes competed against each other, and the winners were grade 7. Overall, it was a fun week and everyone is looking forward to next year’s Numeracy Week. — SELCUK BASAK

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