Open house at Katoh Elementary School

On February 16 and 17, Katoh Elementary School held an open house. Students’ artwork and writing were displayed in both English and Japanese.

Students in the Immersion Program performed songs, dances, plays, and presentations in English. First grade students sang songs and recited poems. The second graders recited a choral reading of “Frog and Toad” under the theme of friendship.  Third graders read poems and presented shape stories that they had written in maths class.

In the upper grades, the students presented in family groups and also performed individually. Fourth grade students gave oral reports in groups about “schools around the world.” The students also sang a song called, “School is Cool” and did a square dance. The fifth grade presented booklets they made about their United States trip experiences and sang English songs they learned for the trip and their ASIJ exchange. The sixth grade presented individually their independent projects with an oral presentation and a project board.

All in all, the students did an outstanding job and many families were present during the successful open house weekend. — JOANNA POLIKAITIS

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