Little scientists at J’s

April brought the theme of “Nature’s Science” to J’s International School. Science experiments started off with questions such as: Where does rain come from? What is a volcano? How do walruses stay warm? What happens if we mix elements?

The previous month’s “space station” was transformed into a science lab, complete with microscopes, test tubes, magnets, and a number of different concoctions in bottles. The children conducted many hands-on experiments and they were encouraged to observe, make predictions, and come to conclusions. They enjoyed examining daily changes in the substances they were experimenting on. These advanced cognitive concepts were intriguing to the naturally curious little scientists.

J’s also took advantage of the beautiful warm days of last month by spending time outside having picnics and exploring the local environment. Sketching trees while sitting directly under them, looking at decomposing leaves in the dirt, and getting a closer look at all the bugs that are starting to come out were just a few of the daily activities.

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