Karuizawa summer school multicultural mealtimes

International School of Asia, Karuizawa (ISAK) held its summer school from July 18–August 12. There were two 10-day sessions with 25 faculty and 49 students who came from across the globe in order to learn new skills and also enjoy great food.

Cezars Kitchen provided three meals a day, with a wide range of dishes. The menu included an eclectic mix of items such as handmade whole-wheat buns with homemade burgers, German schnitzel, and chicken namban, to name a few. Cezars Kitchen staff took on the challenges of multicultural (halal) eating demands and also allergy concerns involving gluten, dairy, egg, fish, and fruit.

ISAK counsellor Dave Mochel said, “Absolutely everyone raved about the quality of the meals and the warmth of the staff. Cezars Kitchen was fantastic,” and Shibuya Makuhari Junior High student Maki Yoshimura agreed, saying, “I loved the food and was excited to come to the kitchen at every meal!” — GREGORY FERRIS

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