JIES summer school 2013

Summer school in Jingumae International Exchange School (JIES) was a whirlwind of academic practice, fun games, multimedia, and independent inquiry.

In the first week, students explored a “Countries” theme, researching the countries from which they originated, and games and toys from those countries. They created posters and made oral presentations to parents, and enjoyed a field trip to the Bandai Toy Museum.

In the second week, students turned their attention to “Health and Food.” Students enjoyed painting still lifes as well as keeping records of their eating, sleeping, and socializing habits for the week. During the field trip, a lot of students got their first opportunity to actually fish for their food.

During week three, the theme of “Sports” led students to look into the Olympic Games. In addition to learning about the Games and the athletes themselves, students enjoyed learning about the arts and traditions associated with the opening ceremonies. The field trip to an obstacle course park inspired many students to challenge themselves physically and emotionally.

And finally, week four’s theme was “Fairy Tales.” Students wrote their own fairy tales and looked into what features make a story into a fairy tale. The final field trip to Disneyland was exceptionally popular and helped to bring the fantasy of fairy tales to life! — KENAN ULU

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