Eggs and chickens at J’s International School

J’s students have been busy learning about farms and the animals that farmers take care of, such as chickens. Where do chickens come from? The children were excited to find out that they used to be eggs! And that the eggs we buy from the supermarket come from farms! Students also learned that those eggs are in a lot of other food we eat, such as cookies and pancakes.

To learn more about eggs and chickens the children made their very own eggs out of balloons and paper mache! Once the “eggs” were dry, students talked about what happens when they become chickens. They are no longer white and smooth but instead they are white, yellow, and orange, with feathers. We made the chickens fluffy and colourful with lots of tissue paper feathers, and added eyes, beaks, and feet. The eggs were finally transformed into chickens! — ERIKA CABULOY

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