RLC Preschool zoo trip

The next few weeks are going to be especially fun for RLC Preschool, as everyone is excited to be going on the fall term excursion to Ueno Zoo. In preparation, the children have been learning about zoo animals and are really looking forward to seeing the lions, tigers, and gorillas — the parents are always keen to see the pandas. The children’s area is very popular, and students are looking forward to being able to pet goats and sheep, as well as see an assortment of domestic animals.

For the Halloween party, the classroom is decorated in black, orange, and purple, and children attend the preschool in costume. Teachers also enter into the spirit of the occasion by dressing up as friendly witches or big orange pumpkins. Having special Halloween food for snack time, doing Halloween-inspired arts and crafts, and other fun Halloween activities complete the day beautifully. The Trick-or-Treat gift bags are always hugely popular every year. Now it’s time to start looking forward to Christmas! — ALIY LICKFOLD

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