Home away from home at St. Alban’s Nursery

St. Alban’s Nursery celebrated Christmas with a special performance from the students, for their parents and friends. Mums and dads are always very welcome to join in the activities at the school, irrespective of what time of year it is. One father recently noted this as being one of the reasons he chose St. Alban’s, “It might not be the newest or fanciest nursery school. But our boys feel at home there.”

St. Alban’s Nursery was founded in 1978 and teacher Gilma Yamamoto has been in charge for 23 years. That continuity bears fruits in an unpretentious intimacy that comes with time, not just by design. Suffused into Gilma’s expertise and ebullience are qualities of wisdom, stability, and neighbourliness. “Our boys think Gilma lives at St. Alban’s and that this little nursery school is a fun and friendly home in their teeming Tokyo neighbourhood. Being an expatriate means living away from extended family. So we found St. Alban’s doubly helpful: it was a gentle way for both our boys to take their first steps into schooling and a wonderful place for them to meet caring, friendly adults outside home.”

For more information about St. Alban’s, please see http://www.saintalbans.jp. Everyone at St. Alban’s would like to wish Japan School News readers a very Happy New Year!

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