Dinosaur cookies at J’s!

Last month’s theme at J’s International School was “Roaring, Stomping Dinosaurs!” Students have been learning about when dinosaurs roamed the earth, what different types there were, and what their bones looked like. They have been learning about dinosaurs that only eat plants and dinosaurs that only eat other dinosaurs! Students were amazed to see how different all the dinosaurs looked, and marveled at the different colours, shapes, and sizes.

There was a special cooking day where children even got to make their very own dinosaur cookies. They cut out dinosaur cookie shapes, baked them, then decorated them by drawing their skeletons and giving them patterns. Not only did they turn out as pretty impressive dinosaurs, but they the children thought they tasted super yummy, too!

The children loved learning all about dinosaurs and getting a treat to eat at the end! — ERIKA CABULOY

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