St. Mary’s students at home in school ski lodge

Every year St. Mary’s International School sends three classes of third, fourth, and fifth graders up to the school’s ski lodge in Gunma for a week of fun and ski lessons. To fuel those busy snow- and ski-filled activities, Cezars Kitchen whips up three meals a day and also a couple of goodies throughout the week.

Some student favourites like the ebi-fry and karaage are selectively paired with healthy green vegetables and wholesome soups throughout the week. Even though the students are on a mini-vacation, a balanced meal is provided. Cezars staff are up at dawn and in the kitchen preparing fresh eggs, sausage, local breads, salads, and soups, in order to ensure that the kids can get the most out of the busy day ahead.

The ski lodge that houses the students is a four-storey building filled with special memories; a unique place where lasting bonds between classmates have been formed for many years. “By the time they are in fifth grade, they have been up to the lodge several times and practically feel at home here,” ski lodge staff member Ichiba-san said. — GREGORY FERRIS

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