Little League in Tokyo

Until recently it was difficult for the international community to put together student baseball teams that could compete on the Japanese level. In 2012, the Rounders Baseball Club (RBC) took up the challenge, and with the support of international schools, including ASIJ, Nishimachi, BST, the Canadian International School, and St. Mary’s, the team has now grown to include many levels of age groupings with squads for both kindergarten through to sixth grade.

A new junior high squad will hopefully play with some Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Schools (KPASS) teams in the spring season of 2015. With the RBC squads being made up of members from different international schools, there is a high level of talent, which means that the international community’s youth can now access the high levels of play within the Japanese community.

RBC’s current squads play in the Chofu & Komae Rubberball League, which is very advanced when compared to North American Little League — base stealing and pitching start at the earliest of ages, and thus players must learn older players’ responsibilities and skills from grade one on.

RBC’s general manager is Mitchell Milo, with head coaches Pat Teague and Seiji Kawanabe, and other assistant coaches that include Dave Norris, Dan Schute, Alyson Jenkins, and Gordon Dumesich. The players’ families come from many countries, including the Czech Republic, Thailand, Taiwan, Britain, Australia, and English-speaking countries with strong baseball cultures. The team practices at a variety of locations on weekdays and weekends. See

Schools wishing to join the RBC program should contact Mr. Milo by email at [email protected] or phone on 03-3878-7239.

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