Numeracy & Science Week at Jingumae International

February 3–7 was “Numeracy and Science Week” at Jingumae International Exchange School (JIES), where students got the opportunity to collaborate as well as compete with other students and classes.

The week began with the “egg-drop competition,” where students had to create a container that would help an egg survive a four-metre free fall. Then on Tuesday everyone lined up in order of height, and created “human graphs” for their favourite subjects, foods, and animals. On Wednesday the school held an “Omotesando scavenger hunt,” where each grade had a maths or science question related to a real life example in Omotesando. On the Thursday there was a school-wide Paper Airplane Contest, for which students used their paper-folding skills and knowledge of aerodynamics to try to create the farthest flying paper airplane possible.

Lastly, on the Friday, there was a school-wide inquiry/science fair that gave the students the opportunity to share what they had learned during their inquiry time, as well as learn about what the other grades in our school had been studying.

The students did a great job in working together, developing their presentation skills, and reinforcing what they had learned in class. — KENAN ULU

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