Saint Maur International School Adult Enrichment Program

As a school committed to life-long learning, Saint Maur is unique in that, not only does it offer formal education from pre-school to grade 12, but it also offers activities for toddlers, as well as a vast array of classes and activities for parents on campus—all run by volunteers from the school community, as well as volunteers from the greater community outside of Saint Maur.

The Saint Maur Adult Enrichment Program (AEP), founded in 1992, provides opportunities for parents to develop new friendships and a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural and religious differences. The shared experiences provided by the program help participants to recognize the role they play as contributing members of a rapidly growing global community, while clearly demonstrating to the children that education should remain a life-long pursuit.

AEP classes include computer graphics, cooking, various crafts, silk screen painting, porcelain painting, conversation (French, Spanish, English, Thai, and Japanese), a book club, seminars on health, nutrition and faith, a complete first-aid & CPR training and certification program, and classes introducing aspects of Japanese culture, such as aikido, ikebana, shodo, sumi-e, origami, washi doll-making, kimono-dressing, and tea ceremony. Other classes include singing, yoga, basic fitness, and volleyball, as well as seminars on Japanese history and politics, and various half-day cultural tours and excursions.
There is no charge to participate in any of the adult enrichment classes; however, where applicable, a small fee may be charged to cover the cost of materials. Those who do not have children enrolled at Saint Maur are welcome to attend.

In addition to the AEP, many parents and community members participate in the Toddlers’ Group, run by Saint Maur parents, offering an opportunity for parents to meet and discuss common concerns in a relaxing, friendly environment. Parents who do not have children enrolled at Saint Maur must be able to communicate fluently in a language other than Japanese. — PHYLLIS ENGSTROM

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