Gregg International School spring concert

Gregg International School students, from preschool to elementary, organized and performed a spring concert last month, to the delight of the staff and parents.

The Ducklings class transformed into Tarzans and jungle animals and performed three songs in front of their friends and families. They had fun designing the costumes and admiring (and pulling!) each others’ tails as well as their own. The older students helped the younger ducklings make the jungle-themed stage set; the ducklings especially had fun popping out from the big rock to find the audience clapping and cheering for them. Some of them got stage fright and were shy at first, but as the crowd was so warm and welcoming, students soon remembered how to stomp like hippos, swing their arms like monkeys, and roar loudly like lions. By the end of the show, the ducklings were hamming it up for the audience and couldn’t wait to get back on stage for the finale. They have since vowed to brush up their acting chops daily during circle time.

The K3 students did a mini-musical version of “The Gigantic Turnip” for the concert, with each child being given a line to deliver. They really enjoyed rehearsing and were very proud of their performance on the day — their favourite part was definitely yelling, ”Heave, ho!” as they pulled out the turnip. Learning to work together to create a show was a great team-building experience for the kindergarteners.

Each elementary school student really outdid himself or herself this year. The upper elementary students put together a circus and magic show complete with hypnotism and juggling that was worthy of a three-ring-circus. The students worked diligently during their free time, in order to master prestidigitation and juggling. Only local fire codes prevented students from firing each other out of a cannon! — SUE SOUTHERN

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