Revolutionizing education with technology

The eager and cheerful Hitokoe Yokohama International School (HYIS) students recently had their first chance to touch the school’s interactive tablets. The school wants to keep up with the fast-paced creation of high-tech gadgets that assist and support preschoolers’ learning. Each class — starting with the two-year-olds and moving on to the kindergarteners — patiently waited for their turn as the teacher made certain that their new “toys” were used properly and efficiently.

In the coming months, the curriculum will continuously integrate the application of technology in the various centre-based subject areas and in projects that the students will undertake, along with delivery of the school year’s themes and sub-themes.

There are now many instructional applications and devices available to young students that will make their learning easier. For their benefit, the school wants to keep up with emerging technology. — PATRICIA ALDANA

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