Winter Wonders at Aichi International School

Aichi International School (AIS) holds three winter events in December.

First, on Sunday, December 7, around 50 students from the kindergarten and elementary school will be performing a number of Christmas and pop songs at Hoshigaoka Terrace, a local shopping area close to the school.

Second, on Friday, December 12, all AIS students will be involved in this year’s musical production, “A Winter’s Tail,” at the Moriyama Theater, next to Obata Station. The story is a modern day reworking of the classic story “A Christmas Carol” and includes recent hit songs such as “The Fox” and “Let It Go.”

Last, from Monday–Friday, 22–26 December, AIS will be holding Winter School programs for both kindergarten and elementary school students. Anyone can attend, and more details about these programs, and the performances can be found on the AIS website: — MARK REED

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