Art Exhibition at JIES

This year Jingumae International Exchange School held its Biennial Art Exhibition, as part of an exchange activity with our neighbouring local public school, Jingumae Elementary School. JIES students were looking at the transdisciplinary unit on “How We Express Ourselves” as part of the IB PYP program, and the exhibition offered a great opportunity for the students to learn more about art. During one of our exchange classes, students joined together to create banners that included all of the students’ faces. Each student drew a portrait of themselves and included their favourite animals. We put all of the work together and hung it from the gymnasium ceiling. Each exchange group had their own colour which they painted and created decorations with.

Not only did students create a collaborative artwork piece, students also worked in-class to create artwork that they would display. Each class produced work relating to their own classroom inquiries. The displays included visual art, animation, music, and installations. Each piece of artwork was unique and portrayed the different ways which we look at art. The Art Exhibition was held on the 6th and 7th of February. The exhibition was a huge success with many visitors attending from the local community. Thank you everyone who came to support our students.