Yoyogi Int’l School to open new Elementary School

A center of excellence in early childhood education, Yoyogi International School is located right in front of Yoyogi Park in the heart of Shibuya. The school, founded in 1999 has continued to grow since its inception and this fall will open a full elementary program accepting children up to 5th Grade/Year 6.

Children benefit from a curriculum that incorporates, UK National Curriculum and the US Common Core State Standards and the philosophy of IB (PYP). Our program prepares students for all education systems around the world for the next stage of their academic careers. The hands-on approach in a warm and nurturing environment helps children develop into confident young learners with a passion for learning. The school also has a strong focus on Japanese language and culture. From 2 years of age, children begin daily exposure to the Japanese language and from 1st Grade/Year 2 onwards, Kokugo (Language and Literacy from the Japanese National Curriculum) is taught to children with native level Japanese skills.