Kobe Girl Scouts Saving Smiles

Saving the world and all the people upon it is not something that can be done overnight nor can it be undertaken by one person. But what about saving smiles? Saving hope? Saving the light of a new day? Children hold the key to a brighter future for many, if not all, and sometimes children whom have suffered great pains just need to be reminded of that. So, to make sure this message reaches them, the Junior Girl Scouts of Kobe created a Healing Kit designed to heal the mind, body and soul of kids suffering from emotional distraught due to sickness, loss, depression or other challenges they are faced with within their communities.

The Healing Kits contain lovingly hand-crafted objects and include additional items purchased with fundraising earnings. The kits are donated with the hope that they may heal a broken smile somewhere in the world and that those whom receive the kits may pay it forward by creating their own kits for other like-minded organizations. As the girl scouts remind us, “happiness, like any feeling, is free. Happiness is our business.”

The girls selected three NPO organizations that it was unanimously decided were in need of such support:

Bouken Asobiba – Located in Sendai, Miyagi, a program devoted to developing children’s play areas in the areas affected by the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. (bouken-asobiba-net.com)

AFECT (The Association for Akha Education and Culture in Thailand) – Located in Chiang Rai Thailand, led by Athu Pochear, a program which assists rural hill tribe communities to build educational resources, develop and expand health management and preserve hill tribe cultural identity in 264 villages within four northern Thai provinces bordering Burma.

The Mobile Art Bus in Palestine – Located in Palestine, led by Khitam Edelbi, a bus that delivers art supplies and offers therapeutic art workshop opportunities to children living under military occupation.

These organizations are run by inspirational leaders looking to provide academic and therapeutic outreach programs for children and are motivated by the unfortunate current situations in their communities.

Find out more about the Girl Scouts visit: girlscout.or.jp