MIS Annual Bazaar

Saturday 30th May saw the gates open on Makuhari International School’s fifth annual Bazaar. A huge crowd of children, parents and teachers were treated to a marvellous day out in glorious sunshine. The teacher’s band opened proceedings from the stage with a rousing Oasis number before handing over the microphone to a succession of fine acts, including cheerleading, juggling, Indian dancing and many excellent soloists. The sports field played host to the dreaded, ‘soak the teacher’, a petting zoo, a bouncy castle, ‘beat the goalie’ and many games where children could try out their skills to win a prize.

The flea market and various craft stalls kept shoppers busy, whilst food and drinks vendors were on hand to revive flagging spirits. The Bazaar ended with the grand raffle draw which featured signed Lotte Marines uniforms, iPads and over forty more prizes.

Closing the event, Head of School Michael Deveney, was able to thank all those who had contributed towards making it such a success. Last year the MIS PTA was able to use funds from the Bazaar to help buy a top-of-the-range climbing frame that has been tremendously popular ever since. Roll on the sixth annual Bazaar!