Amazing Autumn Halloween

Hitokoe Yokohama’s revelry of seasons commenced in spring and will be concluding in winter with innumerable learning activities and events honoring the child’s talents. However, before the icy winter says “Hello!” we held our “Here Comes the Amazing Autumn Halloween!” sports festival and family picnic event. The Halloween-themed parade was marked with vibrant and fascinating costumes.

Games included “Feed the Ghost”, “Pumpkin Buckets” relay, “Scarecrows in a Row” and “Yokai Scavenger Hunt” – created to merge Halloween festivities with gross motor skills and movement. The red versus blue “Cat Bewitched” and “Spooky Centipede” relays had everyone on their toes and the endless cheering kept the teams’ spirits alive.

The months pass by so hastily, though the entirety impressions of the occasions are celebratory with our young minds storing countless wonderful reminiscences of their school life at Hitokoe Yokohama International School.