Science Week at Nagoya Abroad International School

Science Week heralds a celebration of enquiry and exploration. Do you want to know how to keep your eggs from breaking on your way home from the grocery store?
With the Egg Drop Challenge, students’ design, test, and re-design containers to keep a raw egg from breaking when dropped at a great height.

Do you want to know how make shelves that stay strong no matter how many books? Students work in groups at Bridge Design to create bridges that can hold incredible weights.
Ask our kids how to store and release kinetic energy! With our fantastic Power Release activity they all know how.

Science explores the world around us and gives us a way to answer every child’s burning thoughts of “Why?” and “How?” One of the biggest goals at our school is to cultivate curiosity. Science is a regular part of our week, but this week, we can really go wild and fully enjoy that exploration.

We hope to inspire kids to first understand their world and then to design and create the future only they can dream of. 

One student says, “When I understand science, I understand the world. Its also very interesting because there is no end to it.”