Kid City at OCSI

For the third year in a row, the 1st and 2nd graders at Okinawa Christian School International have participated in Kid City. Since January, students have been learning about how the various places in a city work, the essential vocabulary and common dialogue that goes with those places, and how to conduct business as producers in the community. This year, the students even got to “apply” for one of the jobs in Kid City. Then on April 8th, the teachers and parents set up the whole gym to look like a mini city including a park, a town hall meeting area, and 10 establishments: bank, city hall, hospital, pharmacy, police station, church, post office, store, restaurant, and school. Each student worked 2 jobs as well as took on the job as customers, after they cashed in their “check” for money. Wonderful dialogue and authentic practice of math skills took place as the students took on their roles very seriously. This will definitely be an event we all would like to continue on in the years to come!