Baseball for All International Schools (West Tokyo Dodgers B.C.)

The first internationally run little league baseball team in Japan will be going through a name change starting in the New Year of 2017. Formerly known as the Honshu Rounders, the new West Tokyo Dodgers have also expanded to have youth levels that now run from grades 1 thru 9, or ages 6 to 15yrs. of age. There is also an adult team for 18yrs. and above.

The name change was brought about by a host of issues. Topping the list was the expansion into the Pony League, based out of the USA, and the need for more permanent coaching at the new junior high level (grades 13, 14 & 15 yrs.).

Nishimachi International School, British School Tokyo, American School in Japan and the Canadian International School are among some of schools who have players on our team.

Games and practices are from September to June, but the older teams are more year round. So if you know someone with children looking to play baseball with other international families on Sundays please come and join us via the links below.

Mitchell Milo
General Manager WTD

WTD has 4 Team websites:

The younger pair of WTD teams (Shamrocks and Maples Level) are located here:

The JH (Oaks Level) WTD team’s English site is located here:

The JH (Oaks Level) WTD team’s Japanese site is located here:

The Adult WTD team is located here:

West Tokyo Dodgers (Adult)

Tokyo, JP
22 Players

The West Tokyo Dodgers is a privately run team that has teams from 6 yrs. old to adult. The youngest teams are the most internationally run, and as you move to the older teams…

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