Madcap May fun for kids

The endless days from rainy season until the freedom of Summer holidays is palpable for kids and family alike. Have a few creative options up your sleeve to combat this long period of heat and humidity.

Take advantage of rainy day forecasts by making colourful sidewalk chalk art that easily washes away. Create savvy designs for amazing photo opportunities, or just have a play. Kids love this silly fun, and it might even encourage new friendships in your neighbourhood.

Head to your local park, and gather some leaves to make original paintbrushes. It’s such an easy project, but fascinating for all ages. Grab some paint and butchers paper and get your kids happily collaborating whilst you relax. Great for a playdate too. Plus, if you haven’t already tried spin art, this is another super project. Grab yourself a cheap salad spinner from IKEA, and set your kids free. Children adore squeezing paint, and this activity is such a feast of delight. Dazzle up your art with tassels, spangles and pretty beads for a lovely seasonal wall hanging or gift. Another favourite painting project for children is styrofoam printmaking. Buy cheap foam brayers and sticker sheets from Tokkyu Hands, and plain postcards from Muji, and your kids will be enthralled. Results are stunning, and you’ll get quite addicted!

Bringing zippy arty energy into your everyday rhythms is such a dynamic chance for children to experiment and be curious. Keep innovating.

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