Exploring April with children

It’s that magical time of year in Japan when the scenery turns pretty-in-pink with dramatic vitality, and our feel good factor explodes with joy.

Why not think about getting a laminator this month to capture these moments forever. Both the machine and laminating pouches are extremely reasonable, and it’s an investment for childhood artwork, creative gift giving, and crafty activities. Gather cherry blossom petals for laminated bookmarks, jewelry or even the beginnings of a wind chime. Add ribbons, Sharpie pens, and stickers for more individuality.

Origami is another super Spring activity for children that is portable, adaptable, and cheap. Check online for fun tutorials, or borrow a book from your library. It’s easier than you imagine! Add your creations to popsicle sticks, and put them in a paper clay base for a fun window ledge display. Raid your kitchen for coffee filters too, and you can easily make some colourful butterflies. Colour in with markers, then spray with a bottle of water for some action art. Using watercolors is also another lovely technique to try.

If you have eggshells left over from Easter, make some easy ‘Eggheads’ with cress seeds, cotton wool, and Googly eyes. It grows quickly, and is a super delightful experiment for kids, and is edible! Spring is a delightful time for nature and crafts.

Spring style fun

Eggheads with cress hair

Easy Origami tulips

Laminating with flowers

Coffee filter crafts