Spring fun for crafty kids

As the weather warms up, and the landscape brightens with spring glory, families can head outside with a fresh perspective. Parents can easily activate curiosity for nature with their children by spending time with them outdoors. Flowers are so colourful and versatile in crafts for all ages, so grab a basket and start gathering. Press flowers onto contact paper for glistening suncatchers, into wax paper for the loveliest bookmarks, or try old-school flower pressing. Create easy crowns with recycled milk cartons, masking tape, and pretty things you find in the local park. Why not even look for an old tree trunk or interesting branches to make a unique nature loom with your child.

Spring is also a wonderful time to begin an annual gardening ritual with your children. Convert plastic fruit punnets into a DIY propagator, and old milk cartons into seedling pots. It doesn’t demand much room or skill, and literacy activities can easily be added.

Easter is another wondrous event that kids love. Experiment with papier-mâché and create your own rabbit piñata for an Easter party with friends. Try potato printing, egg decorating, treasure hunts and chocolate fondue! March is a super fun month to get active, reinvigorate the senses, and make some super crafty treasures.

Spring activities

Wax paper pressed flowers

Spring suncatcher box

Natural loom weaving

Easter crafts and activities