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Japan School News is a free online listings service. Japan School News publishes user-submitted news, event, job vacancies and school directory information from International Schools in Japan, in English. Japan School News also publishes articles about International Schools in Japan for a global audience of parents that currently have children attending International Schools in Japan, or are seeking to relocate here.

How to post

All posts must be placed online using our simple step-by-step submission process at japanschoolnews.com. Listings may not be submitted by email, telephone or in writing.

For detailed instructions on the submission process see to our Submission Requirements.

User Accounts

Posting to Japan School News requires a user account. You will need to sign-in or register as a user before you can place a news post, job post or directory listing. Listings cannot be published by non-registered users, but they are able to respond to job ads.

Please see our Privacy Policy regarding how your registered information is used.

Approval Guidelines

All listings must first be approved by Japan School News. In most cases listings will be approved within a few hours, but please allow up to 48 hours.

  • Listings of an explicitly sexual, obscene or distasteful nature, will be deleted.
  • Listings that are, or are suspected of being, abusive or libelous will be deleted.
  • Any listings that are or suspected to be bogus, malicious or deceptive will be deleted.
  • Any listings that are or suspected to be offering illegal services or products or connected with illegality in any way will be deleted.
  • Japan School News will not enter into discussions about the validity of any listings and reserves the right to delete a listing without explanation or notice to the posters.
  • Japan School News reserves the right to block the IP address of any user contravening the conditions of use or community standards.

Indemnity and Liability

Japan School News is not responsible for the content of any listings that appear on the website, nor is Japan School News responsible for any misuse by users.
Japan School News is not liable for any consequences arising from replying to any listings on this site. Japan School News reserves the right to delete any listings we consider to be inappropriate for reasons not specified here.