School News Submission Requirements

Schools are encouraged to submit their self-authored ‘School News’, totally free of charge, for publication on We welcome news about your inspirational events, fundraising drive, sports successes, community outreach activities and so on. However, since we also offer sponsored posts and display ads, there are certain submission requirements that must be satisfied to qualify for this free service (see below).

Submit news here (you will need to create an account if you haven’t already).


School News article submissions must be less than 250 words in length. The online submission form will limit your submission to this length automatically.

Title & Author

Please include a title for the article. The author will default to your username.


All article submissions should be accompanied by at least one sharp color image. Please upload an image at least 1000px wide. Any images you have previously uploaded will be available from your library.


Try and write the articles in a casual, friendly tone. Avoid business-like or overly formal language.

Subject matter

Please limit the subject matter to event reports, success stories, and general-interest news.

Articles about upcoming Open House events, new courses, summer schools or new initiatives etc. or that are otherwise considered as excessively self-promotional, may be declined. For such subject matter, we may recommend display advertising or sponsored posts as an alternative.

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