Winter sports games at J’s

Axel getting ready for “the games.” J’s INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

January brought a “Winter Sports” theme to the children at J’s. From ski jumping to ice skating, in the warmth of the classrooms the children learned about different games. To bring sportsmanship home, the school held a sports day.

After designing original “hachimakis” (bandanas), the older children participated in javelin throwing, tug of war, and races. The younger ones enjoyed indoor bowling, jumping on the trampoline, and walking on the balance beams.

The children struck champions’ poses when they were awarded their “good sportsmanship” medals.

A relaxing pajama day topped off the month. The children and teachers arrived and spent the whole day wearing their favourite comfy clothes. They talked about their favourite stuffed animals, snuggled under their favourite blankies and on pillows, and ate popcorn. — MANA ORTIZ

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