Cezars Café launch

Cezars Kitchen has lots to celebrate at the moment, having just secured its first preschool “kyushoku” account, and also launching their new brand of coffee shop (Cezars Café) at a Japanese university.
While most international schools either provide school lunches prepared onsite and served in a canteen-style, or have bento-style lunches brought onsite, the “kyushoku” system, traditional in Japanese schools, means that the meal is prepared in bulk at an offsite, central kitchen or “kyushoku centre,” then finished and plated onsite.

The children play a part in the serving of the food, learning about nutrition along the way, and the whole process is considered to be an important part of the school curriculum. Monarch International Preschool in Yokohama, are now providing lunches to their students using Cezars Kitchen but in a traditional Japanese style.

Cezars Café is the first of Cezars coffee shops, launching next month. These coffee shops provide Hawaiian gourmet coffee drinks, but also smoothies, blended drinks, and Italian sodas. There will also be freshly baked cookies, pies, and muffins. These small coffee shops work well at universities, for schools with older students, and also on business premises.

Cezars Kitchen’s baked goods have long been popular with the international community, with several schools running baking classes onsite. The German School in Yokohama has run an especially successful program, with Cezars’ chefs running a monthly baking class for parents. Cezars’ Director of Food Service, Phillip Smith, said, “We encourage our chefs to work within the community, and one way they can do that is to respond to the community’s needs. If our community wants a baking class, we’ll give them a baking class!”

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