Sports Day at Horizon Japan International School

Sports Day has been a fun and dynamic tradition for all Horizon Japan International School (HJIS) students over the years.
The sporting spirit shone through everyone who took part in this year’s event on October 12. Sport develops many good qualities, and there was certainly healthy competition and rivalry, with congratulations going to the Red Team, but everyone was a winner when it came to enthusiasm!

The biggest cheers were for those who pushed themselves over the finish line after the challenge presented by the relay races, for those who were walking using small stilts, hurdle racers who flew through the air, all those giggling their way through the “Bamboo carrying” race, and of course for the speed and talent of the fastest parent competitors.

The school was very proud of their ELC athletes who played hard and surprised everyone with how long they kept up their tug of war, showing a spirit that was bigger than their little bodies.

It was a superbly organized day, thanks to the Sports Day Committee. Thanks also go to the PTA parents who volunteered to help. And the truly excited parents and supporters who were very patient despite the hot day. Everyone enjoyed the picnic and carried on cheering from the sidelines all morning and afternoon regardless of the heat!

Special thanks go to Kishiya Elementary School for letting HJIS use their grounds. — KEMAL TEKIN

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