Saint Maur wins Kansai-Yokohama volleyball tournament

On October 3 and 4, Yokohama International School (YIS) and Saint Maur co-hosted their annual high school girls’ junior varsity volleyball tournament. The four Kansai schools that participated stayed overnight at the two Yokohama schools.

On the first day, Saint Maur managed to beat Canadian Academy Kobe, and lost to Senri-Osaka International School. On the second day in the morning, Saint Maur beat YIS and Marist Brothers International School. Later in the day, Saint Maur played Senri-Osaka for the finals and beat them too.

The varsity team traveled to Nagoya for the varsity Kansai tournament one week later, and won seven games to become the champions of that volleyball tournament as well. In the winter, the same schools will participate in boys’ and girls’ basketball tournaments.

The two Yokohama schools cherish this long-time relationship with the Kansai international schools. — STACEY GRIFFITHS

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