Japan School News Turns Five This Month

JSN-0001-1When Caroline Pover began JSN back in May 2010, her vision was to create a platform to inform parents about what was going on within the international school community in Japan.
She purposefully opted for a simple, back-to-basics newsletter style over a glossy magazine format, and decided to included only positive and uplifting news stories of children engaged in meaningful activities.

Five years and sixty issues later and JSN is still going strong, remaining true to her original vision. It may be in color these days and now supported by advertising, but the core policies remain.
Caroline passed on the reigns to us here at Mojoworks in December last year and, after listening to your feedback, we will be rolling out some changes later this year.

These include a new supercharged JSN website, complete with a new classified ad system to browse everything from job ads to second hand kids clothes, toys and books, and a makeover for the magazine. The content will be extended to encompass not only school news, but articles on being an international parent in Japan and the challenges of raising multi-cultural children. Watch this space.