Kailua Welcomes School Year 2015-2016 With The Aloha Spirit Of Joy

The whole Kailua school community had a especially busy time in the first week of April as we worked together to ensure a smooth start of the new school year, aiming to further improve on the past school year’s over-all achievement in various school areas.

Saturday School and After School program parents came on April 4th for the orientation/re-orientation facilitated by the faculty, staff and the “Ohana” (Parent Leaders). There are 4 Saturday school homerooms. – Pre-K and Kindergarten Intensive English class that accommodates 3 to 5 year-old children with varying English ability; Grades 1 and 2 Advanced English Class composed of Kailua graduates who are now first and second graders in Japanese elementary schools; Elementary Intensive English Class, a class of 3rd to 5th graders from Japanese elementary schools and the Eiken Advanced class with grades 3 to 5 children preparing for an advanced level Eiken test in addition to their regular language arts classes.

Parents of after school children are very happy to know that the re-organized after school program has attracted over 60 children who are now enrolled in various academic and extra-curricular activities such as performing arts, soroban (abacus), piano and funk dance. Performing arts clubs have started the initial preparation for their planned stage plays.

The welcome ceremony and orientation for parents of regular students was held on Monday, April 6. Even without rehearsals, the children were able to entertain their parents with beautiful songs and dances. Returning students were awarded their moving up certificates while the new students received welcome certificates. There are now five regular class homerooms – Honua (Land) Toddlers, Kai (Sea) pre-kindergarten, Kuahiwi (Mountain) kindergarten – Makani (Wind) kindergarten, and Lani (Sky) pre-first grade – The names of the classes form a sentence that makes it easy to remember the order – “Over LAND and SEA, the gentle WIND blows, soaring up the MOUNTAIN, reaching the great blue SKY.”

The faculty is supported by an active group of parents we call OHANA. The group is now involved in the planning of sports days, festivals, luaus, and other events.
A joyful start will result in another productive year at Kailua. ALOHA!