The Aloha Spirit makes Kailua’s community involvement an honor and joy

On Saturday, July 22, a very large crowd had gathered early at the park eagerly anticipating the celebration of the Yasaka Jinja Festival, a sort of thanksgiving for the blessing of good health. And, for the seventh straight year, Kailua had been honored to open the program of events at the annual festival.

Preparation for the performances came easy for the children, thanks to the school’s performing arts clubs that regularly train children in acting, singing and dancing. The children entertained the audience with a variety of songs and dances for close to an hour. The large audience’s warm reception was enough reward for the children’s work.

We are very excited about the next community outreach happening late August and continuing on in the next three months. On Saturday, August 22, over 50 children, aged less than a year old to junior high will benefit from two sessions of free English lessons via songs, stories and speaking and reading exercises at the Tsudanuma Morisia. And, on September 30, our kindergartners’ will have their chance to visit the grandmas and the grandpas at the Rest Villa Homes.

Kailua continues to support junior high and high school students who may be interested in becoming teachers in the future. Three groups of five to seven students will undergo a two-day on-the-job teaching experience at our school. The students are from KTH High School, Ichikawa Junior High and Mita Junior High. We will then conclude 2015 with a one-hour thematic performance at the Chiba Kogyo University Festival. Aloha!