Family hiking in Hakuba

While summer is on its way out here in Hakuba, the outdoor opportunities are far from over. A chance to enjoy blue skies without the heat, fall is the perfect time to be immersed in Mother Nature.

One of the most popular October activities is hiking. Requiring minimal specialized equipment and a basic fitness level, it can be taken up at almost any age and by almost anyone. Whether you are a family of avid adventurers or you would like to try it for the first time, Hakuba’s trails in the Northern Japan Alps are the quintessential place to hike. The mountains are bursting with color and life, giving you forests ablaze with every hue between gorgeous golds and superb scarlets. The alpine rocks are rugged and impressive and the typically anti-cyclonic weather of October lends us it’s brilliant blue skies and crisp, cool air. With hundreds of hiking trails on offer and a notable network of mountain huts, Hakuba is a hiker’s paradise.

One family friendly hot spot is Tsugaike’s Shizen-yen area, boasting vibrant forests and well maintained boardwalks that weave over the natural spring waters, offering a choice of trails through forests and marshlands. Needless to say, the views are fantastic! For those families wanting to venture a little further afield, another popular hike is the one up Mt Karamatsu. There and back in a day, it is a splendid hike taking you past Happo Ike, a mirror-like pond that not only exhibits it’s own palette of colors, but reflects those of the magnificent mountains forming it’s backdrop. This view is one of Hakuba’s best known, being shown on calendars and posters country-wide.

Alongside hiking, we here at Evergreen Outdoor Center are offering our regular lake tours and mountain biking tours throughout the autumn season. With over a decade of guiding experience in the Northern Japan Alps, we would love to take you for an unforgettable adventure this fall!