Performing Arts Musicals and Concerts Galore

TWO MINI MUSICALS and three concerts – that’s how happily busy Kailua children had been in November and December. A performing arts program that develops children’s skills in speaking, acting, singing and dancing, and most importantly building confidence, really pays.

The first concert was at the Chiba Kougyou Technical University in Tsudanuma that invited us to be part of their annual festival. Saturday School children then performed the next concerts (morning and afternoon) at the Tsudanuma Morisia shopping center and JR East invited Kailua to be part of their annual Christmas program held at Tsudanuma Station. Over 70 students representing regular homerooms, Saturday school, after school and winter school had a 40-minute performance of songs and dances.

Two terms of performing arts activities culminated in the Kailua Concert 2015 held at the school hall on December 11 where two short musicals were performed. The Drama Club and the Oyako class presented “Looking for Friends on Christmas Day”, a 20-minute musical where three fairies, three dinosaurs, a friendly lion, a frog, a monkey, and two Tiki gods become friends waiting for Christmas.

Kindergarten children then entertained a packed house with our version of “The Story of the First Christmas”. The younger children became carollers whose numbers signalled the start of the stage play. The graduating class played the main characters – Mary, Joseph, 2 innkeepers, an angel, a shepherd, and the Three Kings. The children did their parts so well that many parents were moved to tears. Aloha!