Winter Creative Fun

Winter is a wonderful time to experiment with new creative activities. Get your hands on some cotton wool, cupcake liners or round makeup pads, and transform them into fun snowman crafts. Decorate them further with buttons, ribbons, pipe cleaners, stickers or anything else you find randomly about the house. Combine this with seasonal snowflake crafts, and your children will have hours of winter craft making ahead.

Making origami paper snowflakes strengthens fine motor skills in young hands, and is delightfully fun. Another personal favorite are watercolor snowflakes – using coffee filters or paper towels painted with every color under the sun and then cut out when dry. Display these in windows to thrill your children even more.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, why not make something special for grandparents? Fabric art fun with paper heart doilies, is a classic indoor project for children. Turn white T-shirts, baby onesies, paper or plain cotton tote bags into adorable and original art. All you really need is fabric paint and a heart doily. Give it a go! Older children will also love making hama bead heart creations that can be turned into jewelry, key rings, or schoolbag tags.

Making winter bird feeders is another lovely annual ritual to support nature. Why not even try making giant colored ice marbles for your front yard, or painting snow? Winter is full of arty moments! Grab them!

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