New programs at AIDLC

In response to popular demand, Aoyama International Daycare and Learning Center (AIDLC) added arts and crafts, and daily learning time to their scheduled curriculum from January. Although the school’s fundamental mission is to “provide flexible and affordable childcare options to families,” staff found that students were increasingly curious to learn new words and express themselves creatively.

There has also been the addition of more advanced curriculum for older children, with the aim of building foundations for reading and writing. These learning activities include short vocabulary-building exercises using cards, posters, and/or puzzles, and worksheets with guidance from staff at various times throughout the day.

Typically, in the afternoons, AIDLC’s staff direct students in creative and artistic tasks that usually include cutting and pasting to create signs and toys they can play with during their stay and/or take with them after they leave for the day. Since AIDLC operates on a flexible time schedule, participation by children and parents is encouraged, but not mandatory.

For more information about AIDLC’s programs and philosophy, please see or check the school’s Facebook page.  — AKIL WATSON

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